Stop Or Cancel Avast Antivirus Automatic Renewal

Avast antivirus software has been able to build a reputable position among the available antivirus software in the market. In line with its claims, it provides top-notch protection against virus infections and other potentially dangerous software that can compromise the functioning of PCs. However, despite being fully satisfied with the services of the software, most users find its automatic renewal option a feature to get rid of. Consequently, they seek ways to get rid of this feature.

If you are also seeking a way to put a stop to the Avast automatic renewal feature, the good thing is that it is possible if you follow the right steps for the process. Read on to find out how you can prevent it from renewing itself on its own.

How to stop Avast auto renewal

There are two primary distributors from whom you can order your Avira subscription: Digital River Nexway. If you are not sure which distributor you bought your order from, you can look for it either in the email statement of the statement of your debit card/credit card which you used to make the purchase of the product.

For a clear idea of the steps to cancel Avast automatic renewal that a user needs to undertake with both the methods of subscription, the steps for both the methods have been explained separately.

Cancellation For Avast order from Digital River

Method 1: Use the Avast customer portal to disable automatic renewal of your Avast order

  1. Launch one of the browsers on your computer system and visit the link:
  2. Input the details such as your order ID and password. Keep these details handy to make it simple and easy for you to enter the correct details. Once you have entered the requisite details in the relevant fields, click on the option ‘Find Order’.
  3. Now look for the option ‘Manage Subscription’ on the extreme right side of your order details. It should be there on the same table in which you would see the details of your order. You can cancel your auto-renewal service right here.
  4. Next, go to the page of subscription details. Turn off the setting by the side of ‘Automatic Renewals’.
  5. As the last step, click on the ‘Disable automatic renewal’ option to prevent the automatic renewal of your order after the expiry of your subscription period.

In case you have multiple Avira subscriptions, you need to perform the steps individually for Avast cancel automatic renewal for each order.

Method 2: Use your Avast account to turn off the automatic renewal feature

If you have two or more distinct subscriptions, you need to follow the steps separately for each subscription.

Cancellation For Avast order from Nexway

After the final step, you will receive a confirmation message pertaining to the change in the status of your subscription via an email. The email will have the message stating the cancellation of your subscription for the selected product. The same will also reflect in the subscription status relating to your account details on the portal. If you have been wondering how to cancel Avast renewal for a long time, your search ends right here with the troubleshooting steps in this step-by-step guide. Just ensure that you follow all the steps systematically and the whole process would be the breeze.

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