How To Fix Norton Security Error Code 3038, 104

In order to ensure optimum security on your computer, it is imperative that you are using the updated version of your antivirus solution. With its steady and consistent update roll-outs, Norton has gained the reputation as one of the best antivirus solutions in this respect.

However, quite often, upgrading the Norton antivirus & internet security can lead to the Norton Internet Security Error 3038. This is a common issue with the Norton software and is rather well-known among the community of Norton users.

Once you have identified the issue, you can also resolve the problem quite easily by sticking to the guidelines from this article.

Identifying the Norton Internet Security Error 3038, 104

The primary and the most obvious sign of the Norton 360 error 3038, 104 is the sudden display of the message “Norton Internet Security Error 3038, 104”. However, the issue may also be expressed in certain ways which are less obvious or direct. Following are some of the indirect ways in which the issue is expressed.

Possible Reasons behind the Norton Error 3038, 104

As already mentioned, the Norton security error code 3038, 104 is primarily generated due to and after an upgrade to the Norton software. However, it may sometimes be caused by other reasons which may not be directly related to the software itself.

Some of the possible reasons behind this error are as follows –

A Step-by-Step Troubleshooting of the Issue Error Code3038, 104

Having recognised and understood the Norton internet security error 3038 the troubled user can resolve the same in the way that is mentioned henceforth. In fact, there are two alternative methods and the problem can be solved using either of the two.

Method 1: Fix Error Code3038, 104

This method is officially suggested by Norton and can be used to resolve the Norton error 3038, 104. However, the problem with the method is that it doesn’t always work, in case the error is caused by the indirect reasons mentioned above.

Step I – Go the ‘My Norton’ tab beside the ‘Device Security’ section after starting the Norton dashboard.

Step II – On the window that appears, enter the ‘Security’ segment and, after that, click on ‘LiveUpdate’.

Step III – After the previous step, Norton’s LiveUpdate functionality will do its job on its own. Make sure not to interfere with the process until it is completed. When done, Norton will inform you that it has all the latest security updates installed.

Step IV – Once the process is completed, you have to restart your computer. Make sure to close any program that might be open at that moment.

You shouldn’t worry if these steps don’t solve the problem. As I’ve already mentioned, this method doesn’t always work and you have to go for an alternative solution.

Method 2: Solved Error Code3038, 104

Step I – Enter the ‘Start Menu’ on your system.

Step II – In the designated search box, type in COMMAND. STOP before you press ENTER. Wait until you’ve read the next step.

Step III – Press and hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys at once and then press the ENTER key while holding the other two down.

Step IV – In the black Command Prompt window that pops up, type in ‘cleanmgr’ (obviously, without the ‘’ marks).

Step V – Press the ENTER key after Step IV and a dialogue box will appear for the Disk Cleanup procedure. Out of the few checkboxes on this window, check the ‘Temporary Files’ option.

Step VI – You can also check other boxes if you like and then click OK when you are done.

In case the problem persists after the entire procedure you should re-install the software using Norton’s Remove & Re-install tool. Otherwise, you should contact the Norton Antivirus Support for professional assistance.

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