How To Fix Avast Blocking & Add In Outlook Problem

Mail shield is one of the important features of Avast antivirus software which looks for suspicious activities or phishing emails among incoming as well as outgoing emails. If it detects something fishy it either prevents an email from getting into the inbox or going out of it to the email address of the user for whom it is intended.

The feature works in the same way for all kinds of emails, including Microsoft Outlook. It constantly scans for spam emails in all the folders so that the sensitive information of the users remains safe from the prying eyes of hackers. Notwithstanding the fact that this is an excellent feature for most users, it also accidentally blocks some genuine emails.

Is Avast blocking Outlook on your computer? If yes, then try out the following steps to get rid of this issue.

What to do to solve Avast Outlook plugin problem

As a part of the solution to Avast antispam not working Outlook, you need to disable the Mail Shield temporarily. However, you should proceed with caution as this step will prevent your Avast product from protecting your email folder from malicious attachments which can compromise the security. So, do think about it and then make a decision.

If you have made up your mind to keep the Mail Shield feature from working in order to resolve Avast Outlook add in problem, follow the steps given below in the proper sequence to address the issue.

So, these are the steps to deactivate the Mail Shield of Avast antivirus program which keeps your incoming or outgoing emails from reaching the destination folders or emails. By performing these steps, you will be able to the Avast Outlook login problem. If you are not able to resolve the issue, get in touch with our experts. Make a point of remembering the useful tips given below.

As soon as you turn off the Mail Shield, the ‘On’ button transforms into an ‘Off’ button.

If you wish to deactivate all shields at once, you need to click the Avast icon. You will find it in the system tray. Once you click on it, look for the option ‘Avast shields control’. Click on it and then click on ‘Disable permanently’. Next, you will see a prompt on the window with two options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. In order to confirm the deactivation, click on ‘Yes’. If you change your mind at any point in time, push the ‘Off’ button.

The antivirus security feature is meant to protect your computer from cyber-attacks and malicious software. So, make sure you decide on whether you would like to turn off the feature, which checks your emails, temporarily or permanently only after proper deliberation.

Get in touch with us for technical assistance

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