Fix Norton Error Code 8504 104

Norton, a Symantec product and one of the trusted brands among the companies that manufacture security software, has gained in popularity among a number of PC users. While the antivirus software is known to have an answer to almost all kinds of security challenges, is itself not above dome technical issues.

Norton Error 8504 104

Norton Error 8504 is one such error. The three main forms in which the error comes to the notice of users are Norton Error 8504 104, 0 and 100. These errors normally come to the fore due to the availability of two different kinds of security programs in a single computer.

It does not allow the computer machine to work normally as the computer machine can crash immediately due to two different kinds of security frameworks in the same machine. However, you can resolve it by performing a few troubleshooting steps. Read on to know how you can resolve these technical issues linked to Norton security product.

Steps to fix Norton Error 8504 104

Step 1: Operate the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

Have you already installed a Norton Symantec product such as Norton Family? If yes, then you need to uninstall it before running the Norton Uninstall and Remove Tool. Follow the steps given below.

Step 2: Uninstall non-Symantec antivirus software from your PC

Step 3: Update the video graphics driver

For resolving Norton Error 8504 0, follow the steps given below.

What to do if the issue does not go away even after trying these troubleshooting steps

Performing the above steps in the suggested sequence is your best bet to get rid of the Norton Error 8504 issues. However, despite trying out these steps, the issue may still not go away completely. What can you do to fix the issue?

In such a scenario, get in touch with us without any further delay. If the troubleshooting steps suggested above does not resolve the issue, it possible that there is an underlying issue which is causing it. Our technicians will look into it and diagnose the issue so they can begin working on your machine.

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