Fix Avast Antivirus UI Failed To Load In Windows 10

Avast antivirus is an antivirus program for desktops and Laptops. It is designed to keep your computer system and its data safe from malicious malware and spyware. In this age of the internet, every computer system is connected to the internet. And the internet is a huge source of malware. So it isn’t a big deal that the computer systems are vulnerable to getting affected. Sometimes, this antivirus software also develops some glitch and stop behaving normally.

How to tackle the issue of Avast UI failed to load on Windows 10?

Here there is going to be all the information about the failure of the UI of Avast antivirus. Antivirus needs to be updated regularly. Their publishers send these updates on a day to day basis. Thanks to them, for making these updates automatically. But after an update is installed, the computer needs to restart to install these new settings. So your update is installed, and the computer goes on a normal restart.

After updating the Avast antivirus, when you try to launch the avast program, you may receive this fault on restart: ‘Avast UI failed to load. This is actually awkward. AV Service is not responding.’ The fault dialog proposes ‘Exit’ and ‘Restart Service’ options. You can try both the options available on the screen.

If both of them, does not work, then don’t panic. There is a way out. According to Avast’s declaration, it has admitted that an improper Windows Services alignment can be the reason for which the UI failed to load on Avast Antivirus system. This can be generated because of numerous reasons.

Here is the fix for Avast windows 10 UI failed to load:

1. Reinstalling Avast Antivirus

When you find Avast Antivirus UI Failed to Load, you can attempt reinstalling the Avast antivirus software again. But earlier to that, you can try more or less some underpinning work to make this fault vanish. These fixes can certainly help you in fixing Avast UI failed to load windows 10.

Then the computer would go on a restart; once it comes back, it should run without any error. Many times, with this process it should work correctly. But at times, it may still behave abnormal, or the same error may come back again. If it happens so, then there is a process that needs to be followed to repair the antivirus program.

2. Repairing Avast Antivirus:

The steps for repair are as follows:

The error should vanish completely after this step. But at all, if you face any such issues, then it is better to look out for a professional help without making any delay.  

If after the accomplishment of all the step ladder you treasure no triumph and the UI failed to load Avast antivirus keeps it up, then it is very much recommended to reinstall the software so that any additional associated malfunction can be set on.